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Sorry to all that check the pre order will happen, I have been swamped and the Pewkie mold need some retooling. The sale will be posted with some advance notice.


It's taken me a tad over a month but they are finally ready....

PEWKIES ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They will go on sale Saturday 4-21-12 at 11AM eastern pacific time.

Because I've gotten so many requests for the complete set, I skipped the original plan of releasing 2 at a time and will be selling them only as a complete set of 4 (Frankenstein, The Wolfman, The Creature, and the Mummy) for $100.

They come blind bagged.

Only a few sets will be available Saturday, after that who can say. Because of the limited run I ask that it is kept one per customer.

2 parts: 1 head 1 body
Hand rotocasted in resin
About 8"tall

For more pictures go here:

or here:

Ships via priority mail in a large flat rate box. Outside of the states contact me to get a shippng rate.

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